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2. Allies in Better Sleep Philips Respironics provides a family of System One solutions designed to Tip-of-the-nose cushion design Respironics screwdriver Actiwatch Spectrum dock communication system Includes dock, USB cable, power adapter and supply, tech .Our Actiwatch monitoring system can help you assess a subject's sleep/wake pattern and activity in response to therapy. Learn.Actiwatch Spectrum is equipped with advanced features needed for when you are involved in more demanding research protocols. It is an all-in-one, waterproof .The Actiwatch Score, Actiwatch-2, and Actiwatch Spectrum use actigraphy principles to provide sleep schedule variability, sleep quantity and quality statistics .The Actiwatch 2 actigraphy system incorporates high-quality biocompatible materials, well-engineered lightweight sensors with light, activity and event channels .Actiwatch 2 is a rugged, reliable, and unobtrusive actigraphy device. It is small and comfortable, making it well-suited for younger or sensitive patients. Contact .

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