When visiting the page we are passing the Selenium command to the retrieve_status_code method which returns the HTTP response code. We store this in a status_code variable and use it to check that the response code is what we expect.

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Mar 2, 2016 I also find it crucial that WebDriver exposes the HTTP status code of the a webpage and occassionaly get something else than HTTP 200. class to modfiy HTTP request headers in selenium-firefox-driver 2.0 package.

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  1. Originally reported on Google Code with ID 141 It would be useful to have methods to read the HTTP status code and headers from an HTTP response. HtmlUnit already has this functionality, but it's not been brought through to WebDriver.

  2. How to get Response Status Code with Selenium WebDriver Updated: December 2, 2018 - Amir Ghahrai Quite often when you are running automated checks with Selenium WebDriver, you also want to check the response status code for a resource, such as a web service or other web pages.

  3. Nov 27, 2018 They are using Selenium WebDriver to test the website, so our approach is “why not use our driver to fetch all href attribute in the page and make a GET call to them.” Step 4: In case of HTTP response is other than 200, we add this URL Here's a not fancy but a useful code snippet.

Nov 16, 2012 HTMLUnit is a headless Java browser and is actually one of the browsers supported by WebDriver. It's very easy to get the response code with .

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Sep 2, 2017 (Expected behavior) I would like to be able to check HTTP response codes as Php-webdriver version: 1.4; PHP version: 5.6; Selenium server .