Apr 12, 2017 Distracted driving accidents in South Dakota widespread, several studies according to an April 5, 2017 news article published by the Yankton .The number of accidents caused by distracted drivers in South Dakota increased dramatically between 2014 and 2015, according to an April 5, 2017 news article published by the Yankton Daily Press in recognition of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In 2015, distracted drivers caused 1,125 accidents in South Dakota, an increase of 9 percent or 93 accidents compared to 1,032 distracted driving accidents statewide in 2014, according to statistics compiled by the National Safety Council.Mar 29, 2016 The following distracted driving statistics should make you think twice According to the Huffington Post article cited above, around 341,000 .

85% of drivers are distracted by their phone while driving. 1 out of 6 mins Drivers are on their phone for 1 out of every 6 minutes while driving. 71% are texting 71% of drivers are texting while driving.Apr 7, 2017 Beware the driver with the cell phone in his hand. Of all the citations for being distracted by one's cell phone issued in Pennsylvania last year, .⬛ When Envista Forensics, which investigates insurance claims, asked drivers how they justified driving distracted, 20 percent said they could multi-task, despite reams of studies noting.

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Nov 27, 2014 Drivers have been falling asleep behind the wheel and driving while under the influence of In recent years, though, digital distractions have multiplied Oklahoma City · Politics · Education · Health · Religion Article: Mother of NBA dancer fights to ban cellphone .Aug 30, 2016 Distracted driving has become an epidemic in the U.S. According to a AAA poll, 94 percent of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting .Stopdistractions.org brings together distracted driving victims, victim survivors, foundations and the general public to build awareness and recognition to this reckless behavior. To reduce distracted driving through advocacy, network and serve the victims, and provide educational information and resources.

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  1. Oct 27, 2015 Distracted driving is driving without full attention to road conditions.Distracted driving Author Affiliations Article Information. Copyright 2015 .80% of car crashes are attributed to a driver being distracted or not paying attention. Munching on a snack or sipping coffee is a cause behind distracted driving accidents, too, accounting for 2% of them. When a driver is listening to a conversation or music, the brain power he or she dedicates to driving decreases.The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that nearly 6 out of 10 moderate to severe teen crashes are the result of driver distraction.

  2. How Much Do You Really Know About Distracted Driving? April 11, 2018 | Samantha Larson. In honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it’s time we take another look at the problem responsible for 11% of all car accidents leading to fatalities, unnecessarily claiming nearly 4,000 lives.Distracted driving is fast becoming one of the country's biggest health concerns. As more and more drivers text while on the road, distracted driving crashes are steadily increasing.Overview of a Use Case: Combating Distracted-Driver Behavior In this fast-paced world, multitasking has become a common way to save time—even while driving. Many road accidents take place where people lose their lives due to the distracted behavior of drivers.

  3. Most people agree that distracted driving is dangerous. Whenever a driver’s attention is taken away from driving and placed on something else, serious accidents can happen.June is National Safety Month, and now is the time to address distracted driving and the use of mobile phones at your company. We owe it to our employees, their family and our communities.Mar 30, 2018 AAA's annual Traffic Safety Culture Index found distracted driving now surpasses the menace of aggressive, drunk, drugged and buzzed .

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Articles Court records reveal more about life of Phoenix woman in vegetative state who gave birth Phoenix man to attend stranger's bachelor party in Vermont after accidental invitation.TABLE 1. Distracted Driver Reviewed Articles—Distractions Contribute to MVCs. Author. Year. Class. Summary. Conclusion. Stutts et al. [30] 2001. III. NHTSA Crashworthiness Data System records from 1995–1999.Overview. Distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,450 lives in 2016 alone. NHTSA leads the national effort to save lives by preventing this dangerous .