When bullying happens on the school bus not all bus drivers may know what to do therefore making it difficult to stop the bad behavior. Furthermore when students are taught to speak up to someone in authority (ex. bus driver) and if nothing is done about the situation then students may stop speaking.

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Upstate New York school bus monitor Karen Klein has become a celebrity in her own right after the video of middle school children bullying her went viral. Now, the bullies have been punished.

Apr 23, 2014 The Olympia School District has placed one of its school bus drivers on leave after a developmentally-disabled 14-year-old middle school .

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Mar 1, 2017 What You Should Know About School Bus Bullying: Statistics, Prevention, and More middle and high school bullying happens on the school bus (as of 2012, Worse, it's hard for bus drivers to address this type of bullying; .

  1. School bus bullying can make school a torturous experience rather than a fun opportunity for learning. By recognizing the signs of bullying, knowing how to react to it, and getting involved in the prevention, parents, students, bus drivers, and schools can make a huge difference in protecting all students.

  2. Oct 31, 2016 Chrystal Percell said the abuse on West Hoke Middle School bus 107 went on for weeks, and she witnessed it happen on more than one .

  3. Better understanding of school bus bullying can lead to finding immediate so many students at a time, especially if the only adult present is the bus driver. School Bus Safety Laws · How to Help a Middle School Girl Deal With Bullying .

"Making The Bus Monitor Cry" is one of three videos filmed in June 2012 which focused on a bus monitor/attendant, who was targeted for bullying by four seventh graders attending Greece Athena Middle School. Greece Central School District in Upstate New York for 23 years, 20 as a bus driver, and 3 as a bus monitor.

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At the time the driver assured Aubrey that he would be writing up the 12-year-old girl and nine-year-old boy, who had participated in the attack, and moving Briellea to the front.

Bullying on the school bus Bullying on the school bus can make life miserable on the journey to and from school but there are things you and your parents/carers can do about it. On the school bus, try to sit near the driver, or if it's an ordinary bus, by other adults.