In the driving test, you can be asked to either do a parallel park on the road, or reverse into a parking bay at the test centre. You'll notch up a fault in this area if you need to reposition.

The state of Maryland has removed parallel parking from the driver test. Good. Because it’s pointless, takes up too much time, and people don’t die going.

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  • Few driving tasks are as intimidating as parallel parking. Many new motorists have failed an otherwise perfect driving test on this technicality alone.

  • Guys, please help me, next week on 5 November 2013 I'm going for my driver's licence test. I'm going to be tested with an automatic car due to the fact that I'm physical disabled, I have to be tested on the hands control vehicle.

  • Jun 3, 2018 Question: Will you fail a drivers license test if you fail to parallel park correctly? When my kids were Related Questions (More Answers Below). What happens.

  • Test #2 – Parallel Parking In almost all cases your driving exam will begin in the parking lot of the testing facility. There will likely be a section of the parking lot that is used exclusively for testing your ability to parallel.

  • Parallel parking or reverse parking as it can also be referred to is one of four manoeuvres you will need to learn before taking the practical driving test. The reverse parallel park manoeuvre is one that many struggle with due to the complexity of the manoeuvre.

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Failed driving test on parallel parking I have failed my driving test on the "parallel parking" manoeuvre. The examiner looked 3 times for a suitable spot for the manoeuvre but due to other "learners" parking their cars, she had to settle on this last location.

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The parallel parking or reverse parking manoeuvre as it’s also known has a reputation for being one of the most difficult test manoeuvres and as a result, fails a great many driving tests.