What they are? The hours-of-service regulations were set in place to provide safety to all drivers. They regulate when and how long you may drive so to reduce driver fatigue.

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  • This revision of the School Bus Driver Handbook was based on previous versions. Therefore, it is only right Commercial Driver License (CDL) Requirements.

  • Truck drivers who have trouble meeting the DOT physical requirements for Vision and Diabetes, can apply to the FMCSA Driver Exemptions Program.

  • i This set of regulations applies to MFSABs that are equivalent to type A-I school buses in size and capacity. ii This requirement only applies to drivers who are .

  • dot-education-related-transportation-tip-sheet508.pdf Many organizations, contractors, and schools use vans and buses to transport students for a variety of reasons. are not required to comply with certain driver qualification regulations.

  • Roehl’s Get Your CDL Program appears to be very high quality. It occurred to me that they aren't simply meeting minimum state requirements, rather, they go above and beyond the minimums.

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To drive a school bus in the U.S., you must have a commercial driver's license DOT sets minimum CDL standards, some states have additional regulations.

  1. Protected by the Law: Laws protect students who are getting off and on a school bus by making it illegal for drivers to pass a school bus while dropping.

  2. DOT CDL Physical Exam Drivers Minimum Requirements and Qualifications including Vision Acuity, Field of Vision (Periphral Vision) and Color perception requirements, Number of Limbs, Blood Pressure Limits, Hearing Test, Diabetes, Mental Disorders, Respiratory System, Prescription Drug Use and Controlled Substances, Medical History, Drivers Responsibilities and Duities.

  3. Mar 15, 2018 Carrier Safety Regulations (MCSR) in regard to school bus operators and their drivers who provide transportation for students in grades 12 and below in vehicles https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/hours-of-service.

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DOT Physical Form Medical Card Certificate, Forms MCSA-5875 MCSA-5876 in PDF. Free to Print or Download. Includes Instructions to Physician and Commercial Drivers Minimum Requirements for a CDL License.