In both species, the queen is the largest ant. Army queens usually run about a half-inch long, while driver queens can reach nearly 2 inches. Army ant workers can be as small as a tenth of an inch, ranging up to nearly queen size. Driver ants, however, run from about an eighth of an inch to a little.

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You might not care at that point whether the ants are the army or driver varieties, since both types of ant are large by ant standards and share ferocious appetites .

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The name army ant is applied to over 200 ant species, in different lineages, due to their However, the Dorylini contain the genus Dorylus, the most aggressive group of driver ants; 60 species are known. Originally, the Old World and New .

Army ants, Driver ants, Legionary ants whatever you call them, tales of how enormous swarms of these vicious little biters attack everything in their path, stripping even large mammals to the bone, are themselves legion.

Dec 28, 2018 The Afrotropical 'driver ants' of this genus epitomize the army ant lifestyle, but they represent only a fraction of the diversity of Dorylus.

The term "African army ants" is used to describe a specific species of army ants, more specifically the most aggressive and physically largest army ant species (also known as driver ants, present in Africa).

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Driver ants (i.e., epigaeic species in the army ant genus Dorylus, subgenus Anomma) are among the most extreme polyphagous predators, but termites appear .

Driver Ants: - The army ant genus Dorylus, also known as driver ants, safari ants or siafu, are found primarily in central and east Africa, though the range extends to tropical Asia. - Each colony can contain over 20 million individuals.