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Another interesting fact about this statute is that the value of the item(s) stolen is irrelevant--a .25 cupcake can suspend your driver's license.Reasons For Driver’s License Suspension In Florida. A driver’s license suspension can significantly disrupt your life. Not being able to legally drive means you will have to rely on other drivers or on public transportation to get you to work, school, medical appointments, to pick up your children, or to other important obligations.8 Reasons Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended or Revoked in California. Home Blog 8 Reasons Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended or Revoked in California The DMV may take this action on its own, or through an order of the court. While your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, you may not lawfully operate a motor vehicle.

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That means your driver’s license may have been suspended without you even realizing it. Below is a look at how your license can get suspended, how to find out if it has been, and how to get it reinstated. Suspended Drivers License Reasons. The reasons why your driver’s license may be suspended depend on the state that issued your license.Find out how your driver license can be suspended, and what you can do to prevent it. By David Brown. Most states handle driver license suspensions using a system that assigns a certain number of points for each type of moving violation. the police officer takes your driver's license and issues you a temporary license that expires.812.015, regardless of the value of the property stolen. (a) The first suspension of a driver license under this subsection shall be for a period of up to 6 months. 1 year after the date on which the person would otherwise become eligible.

A driver’s license can be suspended for different reasons. Here are some of the common reasons that will get your driver’s license taken away: Refusal to perform a sobriety test when pulled over or refusal to give blood, breath or urine sample for chemical testing.Theft of motor fuel punishable by suspension of driver\'s license --reinstatement fee required. 302.286. 1. No person shall drive a motor vehicle so as to cause.The more severe your violation, the more severe the penalties can be. A suspended license is not the same as revoked license. A simple key point to differentiate the two is a suspended license is bad and a revoked license is very bad -- a suspended license is a temporary hardship, but a revoked license is permanent.

Learn how losing your license can result in identity theft.,What can thieves do with your drivers license? Learn how losing your license can result in identity theft. What Happens When Your Driver’s License is Stolen. June 8, 2016 less attention is paid to what can happen if your driver’s license is lost or stolen.Top reasons for driver's license suspension. Learn more about driving record points, traffic tickets and other actions that cause a suspended license. Guides DMV Basics Top 6 Reasons for License Suspension. Top 6 Reasons for License Suspension. By: Alicia Sparks June 2, 2012. Share This Page. Share Tweet Pin It Email Print. Advertisment.This can be a real problem, especially if you find out about your suspended license after being stopped by the police or getting into an accident. So, let's take a quick look at the circumstances for which your license might be suspended, why you might not know about.

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Aug 29, 2012 A common punishment Losing your driver's license for speeding or some is the only state that will suspend a license if an ex-spouse doesn't get the Texas and Pennsylvania: A conviction for stealing gas in Oregon.Suspended License. Want to save money on car insurance? Find out how your suspended license affects your car insurance payment. Get free quotes Driver's License Reinstatement in Your State One Distraction Can Steal Your Reaction.You can check with the clerk of the court to see if there is a warrant and/or the court has placed a hold on your license. If you hire lawyer.

Required suspension for conviction of theft or unauthorized use of a motor the driver's license of the person shall be suspended by the court for a period of not .In Michigan, your driver’s license can be suspended and you can lose your right to drive. Call our attorneys for a free consultation at 800-677-9795. Why Could My License Be Suspended in Michigan? Stealing motor vehicle gas will result in license suspension of 180 days for a first offense. Any subsequent offense will result.An excessive number of speeding tickets, for example, could result in the loss of driving privileges. Non-Driving Violations. Many states will pull a driver's license for violations unrelated to driving. For instance, failing to pay child support, or getting convicted for stealing motor fuel will result in the loss of license.