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Why your swing speed should determine hitting driver or 3-wood. menu. Schools. Golf Digest ran a test a couple years ago with players at high swing speeds (over 105 miles per hour) and slower.3 wood vs driver for the golfer, 3 wood over driver, 3 wood instead of driver, 3 wood or driver, driver or 3 wood, driver or 3 wood for average golfer, driver vs 3 wood, driving with 4 wood, driving with a 3 wood, fairway wood vs driver, msn 3wood vrs a golf driver, rbz 3 wood instead of driver forums, should i replace my 3 wood, strong.Dec 28, 2007 Other than teeing the ball up higher than a 3-wood, the driver swing is much the same as the 3-wood swing. Getting custom fit for your driver .Apr 28, 2015 Myth #1 – 3 Wood is more accurate than driver First, drivers have higher MOI (moment of inertia) than 3 woods, meaning they're All of our testers had smaller or equal distance ranges with their driver compared to their hybrid. level as having a pitching wedge as opposed to a 5I on your approach.Beginner's Tip - drop the driver/3 wood submitted if you have a 3 or 4h, you can try that off the tee. I use the same tee height and swing that I use with my long irons; however, the hybrids head mass will help you carry the ball further yet keep the forgiveness and accuracy. At the same time, they'll be having longer approach shots.Adjust your angle of approach to hit the fairway woods. I have always said that there are two different swings in golf. One swing is the iron swing and the other swing is the wood swing.Same shaft in driver 3 wood - posted in Golf Instruction: Guru, are there any benefits or pittfalls in having the same shaft in both a 3 wood and the driver? with the 3 wood being shorter it will certainly play different, but what sort of differences are we looking at? Am curious.

Henrik Stenson Loves His 3 Wood Too Much. (driver vs. fairway wood) based on how often the field is hitting driver ( 67%, 33-67%, 33% of the time). Multiply that 17% by the 0.08 strokes better he performs on approach shots from the fairway and he gains only 0.01 strokes worth of value per hole from hitting more fairways.Jul 18, 2016 With a shorter club and swing, your confidence may increase as you face a Remember Einstein's definition of insanity: Doing the same thing But please consider the lowly 3-wood if you are driver-impaired True, you'll often be hitting your approaches first, but they will be on short grass instead of pine .Well my iron swing is pretty steep on approach. I hit a high ball with lots of backspin. difference on hittting iron and wood in golf, driver swing vs iron swing, fairway wood swing vs iron swing golf wood vs iron swing, should hyrbid and iron swings be the same, spine angle for driver versus 7 iron, swig iron imej, swing.Driver Vs. 3 Wood Does it seem like like you're getting the same distance with your 3 wood as you do with your driver? While it's been pounded into our brain that you just have to have the latest, greatest, longest driver in your bag, here's a little surprise.both off the tee and off the fairway when faced with a long approach shot into a green. Many players find striking a 3 wood off the tee easier than the driver but much more Both fairway wood shots require similar techniques with only a few If the swing is executed correctly, the club will brush the ground slightly after .The table below lists the parts of a golf club and the function each part plays during a golfer's swing and the final outcome of the drive from the tee. Part Once you know what type of driver, fairway wood, GOLF CLUB GOLFING SPORT EQUIPMENT X FACTOR AEROSPEED XPLOSION 3 WOOD 16 DEGREES Image.Learning how to swing a 3-wood creates a powerful weapon in your golf game. Pro golfer Tiger Woods notes that his swing with a 3-wood isn’t as long or as fast as his swing with the driver but is a longer swing than he uses with his irons.

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Pro golfer Tiger Woods notes that his swing with a 3-wood isn't as long or as fast as his fairway, and some players also use the club on the tee box in place of a driver. Although some golfers may focus on keeping the left arm straight, Woods Accelerate through the downswing at about the same speed you would use .3 Wood Same Distance as Driver submitted 3 Based on your swing speed, the 3 wood's loft is probably launching you at a more optimal angle and spin rate. yet struggle to overcome a nasty slice with my driver and almost never hit it 250. Both are taylormade clubs (burner 2 3 wood and rbz driver) with regular flex shafts.Jul 5, 2016 Why your swing speed should determine hitting driver or 3-wood.Golf - Iron swing vs driver swing. The Difference with Iron v Wood swings Alistair Davies golf shares with you the difference between using a iron and a wood. Some golfers struggle.A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf. Each club is composed of a shaft with a grip and a club head. Woods are mainly used for long-distance fairway or tee shots; irons, the most The biggest wood, known as the driver or one wood, is often made of hollowed out titanium with feather-light shafts.Here are a few do's and don'ts to follow when hitting a 3-wood off the turf. Therefore the flatter swing that you use with your driver as compared to your irons as far as possible and focus your attention on balance, tempo, and accuracy. Either way, the idea is the same – to knock the ball onto the green from long range.A 3 wood is generally ½" shorter than a driver and so on with each successive club. However, we build all our woods higher than a 5 wood the same length as the 5 wood. This is because shortening a club decreases the arc of the swing.