I will also talk about what to do to avoid a few things that can and will get you Uber waitlisted. Among the 10 things that can get you deactivated as an Uber partner, there are some obvious ones. As an Uber partner you should not have your driver rating drops below 4.6 if you do not want to get deactivated. add all the likely vehicles.My Uber driver account says “waitlisted” – what does that mean? Posted on September 12, 2016 March 21, 2017 by Brian If you open your app to find your account “waitlisted”, it just means your account has been placed on hold (as opposed to deactivated or rejected, which means you’ve been kicked off Uber for good).

This video explains why I was wait-listed Hey, Want to make money driving your own car on your own time? Come join me and drive with Uber! Don't forget to use my code when you're signing.Jan 15, 2016 How an Uber Partner Can Get Deactivated/Waitlisted? This may not get to UBER'S notice easily, but the drivers rating will reflect it. to this; add all the likely vehicles you may use at any point in time to your account. UBER .

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Nov 2, 2017 Uber conducts yearly background checks on all of their drivers, so you'll If your status changes to Waitlisted, it can mean a number of things.May 20, 2016 So I tried logging into my Uber app today and it said my account has been Waitlisted. Mind you I drove yesterday and I ended up in the Inland .

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How can a deactivated Uber driver become reactivated? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 8 Answers. it discusses some of these reasons you get deactivated and how to get reactivated - How to reactivate your Uber driver account. I also like Mario Caiti's answer (on this topic) Disclaimer - i am the founder of uberkit.net.Dec 7, 2016 Common reasons for Uber waitlisted include: wrong driver, get paid in If you get paid in cash, you can say goodbye to your Uber account.

  1. One such problem that tends to crop up time and time again in the Uber platform is people wondering what the term Uber waitlisted means. It’s seen fairly commonly now, and is typically associated with issues with the account. For all intents and purposes, this points to the fact that your account has been (temporarily) deactivated.Experienced driver "waitlisted" (self.uberdrivers) submitted 2 years ago by portland, But once you are waitlisted by Uber for expired documents, and then reactivated, they restart your account and begin charging you the new rate, as if you're a newly onboarded account. That, too, may require an angry visit to the partner Support Center.

  2. Apr is rejected, onboarding or waitlisted.Dec 26, 2017 There is a considerable number of accounts that have experienced being waitlisted or deactivated. Fortunately, the deactivation is not .

  3. However, they still have to realize that this is for the smoothness and convenience of both the driver and passenger. Asking for Tips. If you do not provide your consent to Uber for the background check, your account will remain waitlisted. Conclusion.Fired is rejected, onboarding or waitlisted; How to reactivate your Uber driver account.

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