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We’ve featured YouTube magician Rahat Hussein on Geekosystem a few times, now. Over the past few months he’s put out several videos of his “invisible driver” prank, where.

The latest YouTube video from the veteran of drive-thru pranks features Rahat wearing an outfit that makes it look like his head has been chopped off. As a headless customer, he rolls.

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Drive Thru Headless Driver Prank. Magician Rahat Hussein is back to terrorize the fast food workers of America with another drive thru prank.

Humorous Headless Drive Thru Car Prank There are a number of car pranks which are hilarious executed on Youtube. One of the most creative and humorous car pranks that we have seen though is the ‘Drive Thru Headless Person Prank’ from ‘MagicofRahat’ Youtube Channel.

Prank: Headless driver at the drive-thru - Boing Boing. "Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank (the picture does not have the right title) - this is HILARIOUS!!" 10 Easy Pranks To Do For April Fools Day. This perfect Halloween prank was done by YouTube user Magic of Rahat, who has some experience when it comes to scaring the bejesus.

Drive thru headless prank. Magician and prankster Rahat likes to record himself driving “headless” through various fast food pick-up windows.

Mix - Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank YouTube Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze - Duration: 5:58. Omaze 12,776,558 views.

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Headless drive-thru prank. The illusionist drive-thru prankster Rahat is back! One popular YouTube cook decided to take this opportunity to clean some of his pots and pans. No matter how good or bad of a cook you are, this method works with even the dirtiest.

The Magician Prankster! Learn 12 Free Magic Tricks! THE EXORCIST PRANK!!! https://youtu.be/79L1o-k8OJo Business Inquiries.