Jan 9, 2010 Equipment (old HFA site) · Digital Classics · Links · Marantz & Philips Classics Musical Fidelity V-DAC Never mind that I can find differences between the V-DAC and my high end a very good EMU soundcard with proprietary drivers) to USB you notice a Next M2Tech HiFace USB-SPDIF converter.

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Mar 26, 2010 The M2Tech HiFace is a miniature USB to SPDIF converter. It is plug and play as soon as you've installed the drivers. There are drivers for .

Jul 26, 2011 For example, inside the Musical Fidelity V-Link is a single oscillator (48KHz at the cheaper end of this sub-market, right up against M2Tech's Hiface. The Audiophilleo1 requires no driver and is a leader in its product class.

M2TECH. hiFace Two. Text and Photos by John Darko lot can happen in two years in the world of digital audio. Back in early USB audio drivers. This allows a week or two with Musical Fidelity's original. V-LINK: a small improvement.

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Apr 25, 2011 Musical Fidelity V-Link USB-S/PDIF converter data in asynchronous mode, and that did not require that a driver program be M2Tech Hiface.

The driver is installed, and the computer recognizes the device, but the musical-fidelity-v-link-192-asynchronous-usb-to-spdif-converter .

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M2 Tech HiFace Two Hi-End S/SPDIF Output Interface with RCA connector The Missing Link Gets a 192 kHz Boost Musical Fidelity's V-Link has gained I had some trouble installing the Windows 7 driver and overall driver updates and .