SETool2 is one of best software to service and repair most of SonyEricsson phones. If you like to get more information, please visit our support forum.

if you will use USB as interface, then you SHOULD turn phone on and install CSCA(MODEM) drivers. if you are capable user, you can edit inf files of CSCA(MODEM) drivers - we only need to install (w200,w300), abnormal CID52 phones (k310,k510,w810,z550) db2012 cid53 - normal 8. staying on "emptyboard fill and repair" write correct gdfs_in.

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Wow, I just love Firefox, shuts down on me right when I finished writing 6 paragraphs on what's wrong with my phone. And not only that but then it refuses to recover what I typed. Greeeeeeeeeeaaat. Allright, I'll make this brief. I bought my W810i about 2yrs ago from someone off Craigslist. The phone was sealed and branded to Rogers Wireless (Canada) but he gave me the unlock codes so I could.

SETool/LGTool Card allows you to work with SETool and LGTool software. any current cid (16/29/36) NEW SEMC phone; Repair damaged GDFS area on any .

  • Flash File Portable USB Hard Drive for SETool. We understand the frustration of slow download speeds when you need flash files fast !! This portable hard drive is packed with flash files you can access instantly. !GFDS_for_Repair\A1\ W200_GDFS_35540601249173.bin!GFDS_for_Repair\A1\ w300_gdfs.bin.

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  • repair gdfs and unlock with setool box DB2020 Derhamoune Rabah How To Repair Computer Keyboard With Some Keys Not Working HOW TO INSTALL PRINTER DRIVERS- NO SOFTWARE DISC REVIEW.

  • Setool2 lite v.1.11 - User guide: Identify, GDFS Backup, Flashing, Patching, Unlocking - posted in Tutorials: Hello, Setool2 lite v.1.11 its free but powerful demo of Setool2, which work without setool2 dongle / box. Its demo so it can work only with phones based on DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52 and DB2020 CID49/51/52 platforms. Cid 53 is not supported, but you can downgrade it using our online.

  • Cannot flash my w200i??? Where to enter unlock code on W200i? SETools ALL USB Drivers For Csca{altbypass}_oneport_winxp_only.

I had such problem but flashng main and then gdfs with setool holding 2+5 helped me try to flash erom first and then main and only then gdfs. To flash erom first download it and then connect phone to setool holding 2+5 and flash erom file as main. Then connect phone again holding that buttons and flash your main and only then repair.

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Aqui, para aquellos que no saben que cargar GDFS y EROM al momento de repara la GDFS, les coloco los nombres de los archivosque necesitaran. Todos estos archivos se ecuentran dentro de su carpeta SETOOL de la version que tengan (pero apartir de la version 1.0 para adelante es gratuita).

  1. amigos no se desvien del tema fijense que hablamos de setool no de otras herramientas por favor leer muy bien setool repair gdfs sin tp y logs no existe Mensaje modificado por jhon mora c el Jun 12 2009, 11:01 AM A continuacion 1 usuario(s) le Agradece(n) a jhon mora c por su Colaboracion: yo lo he probado en w580 y w200 y me han salido.

  2. SETool2 software support and service site SETOOL2. SETool2 is one of best software to service and repair most of SonyEricsson phones. If you like to get more information, please visit our support forum You always can (must) read LATEST NEWS here. You always can (must) read GENERAL.

  3. Unlock Download files from the phone; Repair dead, blinking and phones with "contact operator" message Download area with drivers, software and flash files 30 X Unlock / Flashing Logs For Se Tool Setool .

Unlock any current cid (16/29/36) NEW SEMC phone; Repair any current cid U8360, U8380; Repair fully damaged GDFS and filesystem of U8110, U8120, .

SE Tool GDFS Repair Cable is used with SE Tool to repair of the GDFS area on the latest w200 r1gb001 cid51 firmware uploaded all you need - download software from, install drivers and press GO SUPPORT button.

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setool gdfs repair testpoint cable for sony ericsson phones USB GDFS repair cable for latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones compatible with SE Tool SE TOOL3 BOX + 6 PCS UNLOCK CABLES WITHOUT SMART.